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About Us

The Coton De Tulear is such a fascinating breed!

Originating in Madagascar, the Coton De Tulear is french fit for royalty.  

Coton is the french word for Cotton, Cotton from Tulear, Tulear is a city in Madagascar.  

The Coton De Tulear has a long topcoat that is usually white, white and black, or tri-colored.  The coat is more like hair instead of fur and requires frequent, regular maintenance.  They have little to no shedding which means your home is cleaner!  

Coton de Tulear dogs are hypoallergenic!  

The average life span is around 15 years.  Exercise is always recommended, especially if you want yours to live longer.  

The dogs can range in size but are generally small, weighing between 12 and 15 lbs, although it is not unheard of to encounter one at 20 lbs, and our first Coton De Tulear is 10 lbs.  

Great temperament and the curious nature make the Coton De Tulear a true gem!  Our Coton De Tulear enjoys walking, running, chasing a ball, chasing a friend, being chased, swimming, playing and all types of agility and training.

This breed can be easily trained (with your effort and consistency), and is a very good companion dog.  Are you interested in a pet that will follow you from room to room?  The Coton De Tulear is PERFECT!

The Coton De Tulear is a Healthy Breed.  Our dogs are health tested and the results are verified by the American Coton Club.  Below are links to the American Coton Club, to which we belong and are verified Code of Ethics Breeders.

We are OCCASIONAL breeders and do NOT breed for income.  Therefore, you will notice we do not have litters as often as other breeders.  Our puppies are highly desired, and we have a waiting list before we allow our females to breed, so you'll never find us advertising on Craig's List or some 'puppy for sale' website.  It isn't unheard of for a buyer to back out (puppies are great responsibilities!), so please request an application if you're very interested.

Rest assured, the puppies are safely born and raised inside our clean home that is carpeted with linoleum in our kitchen and bathrooms.  The puppy area is always clean so the puppies will be easier to potty train, as well as healthy.  The puppies are held by children and adults, as well as introduced to various activities and noises.  

Each puppy will be crate trained for their safety and comfort.  The crate is never a place to send a punished dog.  The crate is the dog's den.  The crate is used for sleeping and to place the dog in a safe environment prior to leaving for short periods throughout the day.

Hawaii is RABIES FREE and super-strict when it comes to rabies, as there are no rabies outbreaks on any island!  Any Coton De Tulear leaving Hawaii will require a Health Certificate and current Rabies Vaccination, which cannot be administered until after 16 weeks of age.  Puppies may be available as early as 10 weeks of age for the transfer to his or her Forever-Home!