Koloa 2016

Koloa is from

Snowy River Cotons

Koloa and Kipu Skyping while Koloa was in quarantine per Hawaii's strict rabies law

This was a riot to watch!

Pics of Puppies

Aloha Kipu ~ 2015

Kipu 2014​
​Kipu is from TiaCotons

Koloa around 

​3 months old

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Kipu toward the end of 2015

Kipu pretending to be a

Stuffed Animal

Kipu is actually softer than this toy!

Introducing... Hawaiian Snowflake's Ali'i Kea!

Kipu is 3 1/2 months old

Kipu after One Year

Kipu enjoying the view

Kauai, Hawaii

Hawaiian Snowflakes​

​American Coton Club

​Code of Ethics Breeder


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