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Puppy Safety

Keep Medications put Away

Dog-proof trash receptacles, and keep that trash out of puppy reach (especially items like used razors)

Keep cleaning products and other chemicals in cupboards that puppies cannot open or access

Be very careful with furniture like rockers, because puppies like to lay under/in front of furniture

Don't forget to clean under your bed

Keep small items picked up off the floor and if the dog begins to chew, redirect!

Don't leave fishing supplies laying around (the smell may cause a puppy to bite and get hooked!)

Cover electrical cords with PVC piping (dogs are attracted to phone charging cords especially)

Remember to tie up cords for window blinds and keep windows closed so puppy doesn't fall out

Keep all clothing picked up and laundry baskets off the floor (puppies really like socks and panties!)

Use baby gates so puppies cannot fall down stairs, and continue to use gates to prevent access to rooms you cannot

see your puppy in

Do not feed your puppy chocolate, onions, alcohol, grapes, raisins, tomatoes, tobacco, nicotine, coffee grounds, certain nuts and be cautious with many types of plants/flowers (i.e. no morning glory's, bulbs in the ground, cocoa beans).  

Keep ALL compost in a bin

There is much more to keeping puppies safe than what's listed here.  Please remember they are learning everything

from birth with no guidance, except yours.  They are very curious and will smell and taste everything!